How to play

First of all visit the "Exchanges" page, check the teams and their upcoming matches. Make up your decision about the stocks that may offer you the highest returns. When you are ready simply click the "BUY" button and proceed. (*Do not forget that the price is also determined by the relevant strenth of the two opponents in each game).
If you see that an opportunity for a good trade is about to rise but you are not sure yet the "Options" feature is the most suitable strategy. Book the current price and decide later on whether to add the particular stock in your portfolio or not.
Tips: Since trading is a dynamic process you have to take a close look to your portfolio and stats. Also, in a regular base scan carefully each stock in the available exchanges and always be ready to trim your investments by selling, buying or exercise.
For more fun and tokens join traders' league and compete with other Socctraders. Buy low Sell high... Let's trade and have fun!!!
Are there any buying limitations?
There are only two limitations. The buying amount cannot exceed the 15% of your total portfolio value and you cannot hold at the same time more than three Top Teams* in your portfolio. We check it for you and notify you respectively.
* Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atlético de Madrid, Sevilla, Juventus, Napoli, Milan, Roma,  Paris Saint-Germain, Lyonnais, Monaco, Marseille, Chelsea, Tottenham, Man Utd, Man City, Toronto, Chicago, Dallas, New York City.

How do options work?
An option gives you the opportunity to book the price of a stock and decide in a future time whether to buy the stock or not in the initial booked price. The option has a life time of one month, during this time you can exercise the option and add the stock in your portfolio if its return meets your expectations. After one month the option is expired without exercise.
*Options value does not count in your portfolio and thus in your return till it's exercised.
What is traders’ league?
It’s a tournament's competition between traders. Choose one of the open "traders league" to join-in and compete with other socctraders. Participants will be evaluated as to their returns during the tournament. As a reward, the top four positive socctraders will earn free tokens.
How to buy?
On the menu bar click "Exchanges" and choose an Exchange (league). Each tablet represents a stock where you can buy stocks and options. Also here you can check the upcoming matches and view real time match statistics. There are only two limitations. The buying amount cannot exceed the 15% of your total portfolio value and you cannot hold at the same time more than three Top Teams in your portfolio. The BUY popup menu is preset in fixed percentages in order for you to avoid calculations.
What is socctrader?
Socctrader is the first worldwide fantasy soccer exchange where each stock represents a soccer team. You can buy and sell stocks at market prices, build your own portfolio, monitor your returns, compete with other traders.
How promoted in the next level?
Socctraders promotion concept is competition. Among traders of the same level only a top % will be promoted to the next level. You can check at any time if your current position is included in the traders’ top %. Evaluation date is preset.
What is a stock in socctrader?
Each soccer team from Majors Leagues is representing an individual stock. The price of the stock is fluctuating according to the team’s performance in every league’s match.
How the price is determined?
By combining and weighting key statistics and also taking into account the power of the two opponents in each match. Thus, the overall relevant performance of a team in a match defines the price of the stock.
How to sell?
On the menu bar click "portfolio". In “My Portfolio” tab you can either review stocks’ returns or SELL if you decide so. The SELL popup menu is preset in fixed percentages of selling volumes. You can also sell a stock from the relevant tablet in “Exchanges” section.